Coming Home

Gladys Welty Hawley: May 2, 1920 – November 18, 2011
Paul Patrick Hawley: February 12, 1915 – March 1, 2007

People came from all over the U.S. to pay their respects to the memory of Paul and Gladys Hawley. They were both deceased (Paul in March of 2007 and Gladys in November of 2011) and waiting for an opportunity to return to their beloved Dubois, Wyoming.

Through the combined efforts of all of their children: Polly (deceased, July of 2011 and represented by her husband, Bill); Cathy; Mary; Fred; Pat (Paul, Jr.); Shannon and Laurie, this celebration took shape as Gladys was dying. She was surrounded by her family, and as a small celebration of her life took place at the Good Shepherd Haven in Port Angeles, WA where she lived, the plans to return Gladys’ and Paul’s ashes to Dubois were started.

This small web site collects the spirit and images from the four-day celebration that commemorated their return. If you click the “Family Cycles” link above, it will take you to the slide show Shannon prepared showing generations of family photos through the years.

Clicking the links to each of the July dates will give you a chance to visit or revisit the time the friends and family spent on this date in Dubois bringing closure to an era in the town’s and the family’s history.

There are also links above to individual tribute web sites separately for Gladys and Paul. Click the “back” arrow on your browser to return here.

Please leave comments where appropriate so this can be a living document. You can contact Skip Mundy at if you have other photos that might be included.

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