July 3, 2012

This morning, with much juggling and logistical planning, Bill Haffey and Skip slipped away for coffee and a bun at the coffee shop on the south end of town. Below a photo of Bill and Laurie from July 2nd.

Bill gets a hug on Spring Mountain.


Chris and Whistler consider the water.


While some of us were lounging with lattés, others were out on a fantastic hike to Lake Louise.

Two of my inner tubes were shot, but Chelsea and Neal were able to use the tubes that Chuck and Nancy had left below their deck.

Meredith and Richard headed off to Yellowstone, had a wonderful day and only made one scary call to the Mundy’s cell phone reporting a loud clanking noise from the rear of the car at slower speeds. We now suspect there was something loose and rolling  in the lower trunk, but it did grab my attention for all the time they were in the Park.

Cullen was in charge of the reservations for 35 or so at the Rustic Pine Tavern and Steak House tonight.  All in all, it was great fun to be able to eat with the whole family together.

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